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What Is A Keyword This is a common question from our clients. It’s common knowledge that keywords are important for SEO, but as for what a keyword actually is and how they should be used, for most people, that’s a mystery. Let’s Find Out This blog will walk you through what a keyword is, how […]
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This page is a collection of tips, tricks and insights into SEO, Web Design, Digital Marketing and other related categories. Each article has been heavily researched and is written by our owner and lead developer who holds multiple certifications in Web Design, SEO, and Digital Marketing.

We are passionate about what we do and believe information in our industry is often written in a way that is difficult to digest, because of that we have made it our mission to make every article clear, concise, and devoid of any sales tactics or double talk.


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True Social Marketing is a proud partner of the National Forest Foundation, for every website we build atleast 25 new trees are planeted in our National Forests. Lets leave this planet better than we found it for our kids.

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