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Who we are.

My name is Adam, after spending years in corporate America I left to run a business of my own. I had spent so many years seeing greed and indifference drive unsuccessful and or dishonest business practices that I decided to stop simply complaining about how others were running their businesses and run my own, the right way. True Social Marketing specializes in Website Design, Digital Marketing, SEO and other Digital Services.

“Let us all be the leaders we wish we had.”

– Simon Sinek

What sets us apart.

When it comes to digital services there are a lot of options. You can hire a large firm with high end clients or send the work overseas for 10c on the dollar and everything in between. So, why hire True Social Marketing?

The answer is passion, when you hire us, no one that works on your project is doing it for the money. We love what we do, while we strive for excellence in every aspect of our business our top priorities are happy customers and work we are proud of.

Company Values

Results Driven

Most people assume “Results” refers to the data, and in most cases they would be correct. However, the result we are most concerned with is how our customers feels about their campaign or project. No matter what story the data is telling, if you are not satisfied with our work then we have not delivered on our promise to be results driven.

We believe in open, honest, and direct communication with our clients so that they never walk away dissatisfied. Too often in business customers expectations are not 100% met simply because everyone is trying to be polite, all creative projects are subjective, and we are not mind readers.

Customer Service

There is nothing groundbreaking or new about saying customer service is important to a business, but it is still important to point out that we pride ourselves on customer service. We define customer service as realistic expectations, open communication, flexibility and professionalism.

Customer Collaboration

Collaboration with our customers is a key component to the success we have had. Our experience does not mean we know what is best for your business. That is why we strive to get as much information as possible before the start of a project. Knowing who your audience is, what makes your business unique and understanding your core values allows us to create work that accurately represents you and your business.

No Shortcuts

Whether you’re looking to have a website built, launch a marketing campaign or your website optimized for search engines, there are always shortcuts that could be taken, but not by us. Websites built with drag and drop builders, marketing campaigns launched without proper research and SEO strategies that involve paying for backlinks are all short sighted.

At least 60% of all True Social Marketing customers are on their second attempt at a project because the first attempt was done with shortcuts and fell short of the original intent. Like everything in life, you get what you pay for.

Be Bold & Original

Being bold and original is a crucial component to stand out among your competition. Even in a niche market you are going to have competitors. In a world where everyone is being bombarded with information and advertisements you need to stand out.

These days nothing helps you stand out more effectively than being bold, original and authentic.

“People do not buy what you sell, they buy why you sell it.”

– Simon Sinek

Realistic Expectations

In today’s market where everyone is selling you something, it has become common place to promise the world in order to close the deal. This has become such a prevalent issue across all industries that being realistic is now an important core value for a company to have.

Every project has the potential for unanticipated issues, changes, and expansions. Scope creep is a common occurrence and should be discussed in advance.

Always Learning

Even if you know nothing about web design or digital marketing, it is easy to see how often technology and the digital landscape change. Every day brings new updates, changes and challenges that need to be accounted for.

In this industry if you are not learning, you are quickly losing ground. New tools and techniques are a requirement to deliver the best possible results. For that reason, True Social Marketing is always pushing our knowledge base further.

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